Sunday, July 1, 2012

Human Sexuality Courses: Might as well just slap a "please sue me" sticker on your ass.

This one is delicious because of the terrifically awesome admission of the student that she signed a waiver about the content of the class without reading it. That's right, folks. All of you with your waivers and you forms you make students sign saying they read the syllabus, they are NOT READING THOSE. And THEN, they sue you. For not warning them about stuff you wrote in the waiver. That they didn't read.

Also? Fapping is disgusting. (Actually, the cynic in me suspects it was all those writing assignments, rather than the actual fapping.)
“I raised my hand and said, "I don't masturbate."
For those of you who like your flava and/or summaries, here's the skinny. Really really creepy-looking prof (RRC-LP) demands that students write a fap diary. Which, hello, I would drop the damn class like a hotcake, too. However, RRC-LP did inform students that fapping and discussion of human sexuality would be required content in a Human Sexuality class, so the student's claims of being ambushed and shocked are somewhat ridiculous.
Royce’s attorney, Ken McKenna, said that the 60-year old, who was returning to school to become a social worker, was not aware that students were going to be required to discuss their own sexual experiences... Students, however, were asked to acknowlege that they were aware of the class’s graphic nature in a waiver on the first day of the course. Royce, who dropped the course after four classes, admits she did not read the waiver before she signed.
 (PS searching for images for this post was an education.)

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