Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Time and College Is Coming! From HuffPo.

by Davis Schneiderman

Once, an incoming freshman asked me this question, "Should I bring my own pillow?"

I've also spent much of the last two weeks on the phone -- or on Skype -- with a set of incoming first-year college students armed with an array of questions both profoundly intellectual and suitably quotidian. The entirety of these conversations suggests a series of tips for students during that last summer before college.

Say goodbye to your friends. You'll see them again, sure! And, of course, you will never forget the great time you had together at the shore and at the amusement park and partying in the woods and under the bleachers and at prom and at homecoming and of course who will ever forget senior skip day and those funny gambits at chess club and logging long hours


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