Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beth From Barnes City With a New Big Thirsty. (Yes, We're Still Trying to Keep That Shit Alive.)

I wanted to post a follow up to my prior post:

I am still having trouble with my not-so-new-anymore director. Several things have happened recently. First, the rats are fleeing the sinking ship. People just aren't putting up with his lack of finesse, lack of flexibility, and lack of common sense anymore. That leaves me in a spot where I have tons of responsibility (read: work) dumped in my lap. I am already working at nearly a 2.0 FTE, and now even more has been added on. (Tell that to the guy that says faculty don't do anything).

We teach in a co-teaching type of program. It is a program where we have a group of students that move through the same classes at the same time. We share the responsibilities of teaching all of the courses to these students, supposedly equally with administrative time built in. He allows the work load to be unbalanced. He is afraid to make anyone upset, so he allows some faculty to avoid work under the premise that he is afraid to overstress them or lose them- he's losing them anyway.

He promises those of us who have more than our share of the workload that things will be better, but these are empty promises. He even goes as far as to promise exact things that contradict what he has told another faculty member. (For example, promising the single TA to more than one of us, which can't be done). As a matter of fact, when I took actual facts and figures to him about the unbalanced workload, he suggested I seek counseling for stress. He was even threatening about it, telling me that my job "could" be dependent on it.

He recently had a run in with a student. The student felt uncomfortable in the situation (door closed, raised voices). Granted, the students demands were unreasonable, but the situation wasn't handled well.

Q: What do I do now? Should I take this to the next dean higher; leave it alone and see if it blows over; or something else entirely?

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