Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, The Expectations.

As a father of two, both old enough that they don't need much hand-holding anymore, I have mixed emotions about the story below.

One side of me says, "Damn it, that's right, Bryan. Give that kid a gift that shows how extraordinary she and her trip has been so far." Another side says, "I pray to God this kid doesn't end up in my writing class. Because she's going to expect me to give her that kind of unconditional support as well."

Here's some flava, and the full article link below (in the manner):

Daily Awww: Dad's amazing grad gift

On behalf of all the parents out there, let me just say: Thanks for nothing, Bryan Martin!

While we're sure your daughter Brenna appreciates the beautifully thoughtful graduation gift you gave her, it also pretty much guaranteed the rest of us will look like slackers with whatever gift we give our own children now.

I mean, what's an iPad, necklace or hearty pat on the back when compared to the lovingly sentimental item you spent 13 years creating for this one special day?

(Side note: This website's list of suggested graduation gifts includes luggage. Luggage.)

On the surface, Martin's gift of a copy of Dr. Seuss' "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" appears nice, if unspectacular. But it gets better once the book is opened.

Inside, the pages are filled with notes and remembrances from each of Brenna's teachers, principals and coaches which her dad asked them to write down at the end of every school year for the last 13 school years since kindergarten.


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