Saturday, June 9, 2012

Words are Superfluous

Words I've used (in their context) that have confused my students this week. I know these are words that confused them because they've said: "You use really big words that make us feel stupid":

1. Superfluous, as in: "Your use of "because" in this essay is superfluous. The reason is NOT because..."
2. Redundant, as in: "Get rid of the redundant words in your sentence."
3. Ramifications, as in: "What are the ramifications of legalizing marijuana?"
4. Incentive, as in: "What incentives can you provide yourself to help you stay awake in class?"
5. Dissatisfied, as in: "I'm dissatisfied with this passage because it doesn't quite capture the mood the author has set up in the introduction." A student then commented: "I feel dissatisfact-ay-shunned, too."

And this is why I am rejoicing that (on our quarter system), a whole summer away from students who do not understand basic words is beckoning, and it'll be three months before I see them again in the Fall. This gives me time to gear up for superfluous students who feel education is redundant in their lives, students who barely consider the ramifications of using alcohol as an incentive to fill their dissatisfied lives.

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