Monday, June 18, 2012



To start with I'll tell how I managed to find you. I was searching through sites and came across your pictures and I thought that it is there is nothing wrong because people should get to know each other somehow, right?)

So I am Joetta and I hope you will promote my idea and tell me your name.) Since I was first to write I'll tell you something about myself. I'm pretty interesting girl and I'm a person who loves travelling so much that I'm even ready to keep on walking around the entire planet until that verymoment when I'll meet a man who I'd fall in love with and stay with him wherever he goes and whatever happens.

Yeah, you might think that it sounds more like a fairy tale, however I wish it is possible.) Alright, I love meeting new interesting people who may tell me lots of exciting live stories that really happened. So, what can you tell me about yourself? You are pretty, for sure)

What are u interesting in? I hope you won't ignore this message and you'd write me back.) I the perfect time to write me back is... maybe... tomorrow?)) I am really excited about your answer.

Please, write me back.

Talk to you later


Dear. Mr. Hannah,

I was unable to add your XXX 3101 class for second session. Is there any extra space?


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