Thursday, June 28, 2012

vague outline of compare-and-contrast Big Thirsty about spouses and civil-union partners and such....

This one is a bit personal, so you might want to pretend you didn't read it (and, therefore, couldn't have answered it). You could say it was too sloppy, so you moved on to the next post.

Teresa Sullivan ---> triumph.
(sleeps with a man who has a big brain and his wits about him)

Jerry Sandusky ---> prisoner.
(sleeps with married to a woman who seems to be a coward or an idiot)

Q. Ever notice anything about the connection between a proffie/dean/coach/student and hir spouse? Cause and effect? Ever not hire an incredibly awesome proffie because you were horribly unimpressed with hir spouse? Ever wish you had a better better half yourself--for the sake of your career? Perhaps the Sullivans thrive because they've got good husbands? Perhaps Sandusky-like crimes could have been prevented if more wives had had spines and hadn't turned a blind eye to fucked-up crimes? Was your partner the inspiration for your most creative ideas? Ever think you were a good proffie in spite of your spouse?

A. _____________________________________________
[Concoct crazy theories. Become outraged. Fall asleep. But be honest, dammit.]

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